The Purpose of walk-in tubs is to satisfy the needs of seniors, the disabled, handicapped or anyone who has mobility challenges. According to the Center for Disease Control, two-thirds of bathroom injuries happen around your tub or shower. Typically, they occur when you step over the wall of your tub, slip on a wet floor, or when you lean on a glass door that was never intended to support your weight.

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walk-in tubs

Walk-In Tub & Shower

However, there is good news! Despite the potential hazards, your bathroom can still be a place of refuge. It can continue to be your personal escape. A place where you can indulge in a warm, relaxing bath that relieves your aches, pains and stress.

Creating solutions for these hazards, is what we do with a Walk-In Tub. We make your bathroom a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable space.

Our Walk-In Tubs for seniors offer you a safe, relaxing bath. Furthermore, they offer a variety of therapeutic benefits. You can take advantage of these benefits with a hydrotherapy system that can help to increase mobility, relieve pain, boost energy and even improve your sleep.

Additionally, by adding a walk in bathtub that makes your bathroom a safer place, you can maintain your independence which will allow you to stay in the home you love that much longer!

We promise that your safety, health and comfort are our most important priorities. That is the reason we have countless choices to fit your needs. Everything from walk in bathtubs to walk in bathtub and shower combos. Plus hydrotherapy options and all the safety features you would expect.

Call now to see how we can change the way you feel. We will turn your bathroom into a sanctuary, making you safer and creating the rejuvenating experience only a spa could provide, until now!

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